Pilgrimages to Greece and Turkey

Born in Israel, Christianity quickly spread to the surrounding Mediterranean lands, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the tireless efforts of the Apostles, particularly St. Paul. Greece and Turkey received the bulk of St. Paul’s preaching and remain key pilgrimage destinations for New Testament scholars and novices alike.

Following in the steps of St. Paul is most closely done using the same mode of transportation as he did: a ship. On a cruise pilgrimage, you are able to mirror St. Paul’s missionary journeys from the waves of the Mediterranean and the sandy shores of Macedonia. Pilgrimages by Corporate Travel Service partners with Steve Ray of Footprints of God Pilgrimages for a Steps of St. Paul Cruise Pilgrimage rooted in expert Biblical teaching and including visits to authentic New Testament sites.

Coupling expertise with flexibility, Pilgrimages by Corporate Travel Service can provide you with an outstanding pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey, by land or sea, according to the vision you have for your particular group’s tour.

Consider including the following cities and sites in your pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey, in the steps of St. Paul:


  • Athens – Acropolis (Parthenon), Areopagus (Mars Hill)
  • Thessaloniki – Agia Sophia Church, St. George’s Church, White Tower, Arch of Galerius
  • Philippi – Site where St. Paul was imprisoned
  • Corinth – Site where St. Paul preached and appeared before the tribunal
  • Patmos – Monastery of St. John the Evangelist
  • Meteora – Historic monasteries


  • Istanbul – Santa Sofia, Hippodrome, Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), Ancient Underground Cistern, Bazaar, Topkapi Palace
  • Ephesus – House of the Virgin Mary, Tomb and Cathedral of St. John, sites of St. Paul (including Miletus), Temple of Diana
  • Antioch (base for St. Paul’s missionary journeys and Church councils) – Antakya Archaeological Museum, Cave Church of St. Peter, Cevlik Monastery, Seleucia Pieria Church
  • Dikili – One of Seven Churches referred to by St. John in the Book of Revelation
  • Pergamon – Acropolis (Theatre, Zeus Temple, Asclepion), Temple of Trajan

Request to view proposed itineraries for a pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey, keeping in mind that Pilgrimages by Corporate Travel Service is ready to work with you to design your own customized itinerary:

  • Proposed Itinerary for Pilgrimage to Greece
  • Proposed Itinerary for a Cruise Pilgrimage in the Steps of St. Paul: Greece and Turkey

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